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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the length of rental? 

Generally, our rentals are for a 24-hour period with some flexibility. If you need your rental items for additional days we do offer a 50% discount on additional time. 

Where do we drop-off items during delivery?

Delivery of rental items are curbside or driveway. If you need your items to be delivered to a certain area on the property, there may be a fee associated for additional delivery service. Items are delivered on carts and can be left on-site.

Rentals must be broken down, restacked and ready for pickup and in the same locations it was delivered.

Do I need to clean the rental items before returning? 

With the exception of linens & tents all tables and chairs should be cleaned and returned in pre-rented condition. If items are returned dirty you may forfeit your refundable deposit. 

Do you offer setup and teardown services? 

Yes, we do offer setup and teardown services for tables, chairs, and linens for an additional fee. 

Setup:                        Teardown
$1 per chair               $1 per chair

$2 per table               $2 per table

Customer pickup & returns

Customers are able to pick up and return items during our regular business hours. For pickup and returns on weekends, we do schedule those for specific times and we will do our best to accommodate.

During peak season pickup and drop-off times must be returned in the time window agreed upon to avoid any additional charges because we only have staff on-site during your scheduled times. 

Is tent set-up included in the price? 

Yes, all tent rentals include tent setup and teardown. Not included in the price is sidewalls, installation of lighting and full setup of table and chairs. 

Delivery & Pickup Times

We will do our very best to accommodate your time request. We do ask that you allow 1/2 hr before scheduled time and 1/2 hr after for traffic and other delays. 

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